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Pacific Cycles CarryMe Dual Speed Folding Bicycle

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CarryMe is not a toy.
It is a high-performance 8-inch wheel bicycle with amazing folding features and super light weight for those who take fun seriously.

Ride it, and you will know.
It's hard to imagine that the same bike that fits into a lightweight pack over your shoulder unfolds in seconds and rides just like a full-size bicycle!
It is fast, maneuverable, rugged, light and comfortable for both short and long trips.
When you reach your destination, just fold it away, pack it up and jump on the bus, train, etc.
You'll look forward to arriving so you can ride it again!

It weighs only 17.7 lbs and will fit in The OPTIONAL CARRY BAG  (36" x 12" x 9") in seconds, making it extremely easy to carry, transport, or store.
It really shines, however, when you unfold and ride it. This is without a doubt the best solution to getting around the city without the hassles of waiting for traffic, looking for parking spots and paying for gasoline! Of course, you get a great workout at the same time and do your part to preserve the environment.

CarryMe was designed to become a part of your life and go everywhere with you.
The perfect companion for traveling or commuting to work or school, it will soon leave you wondering how you got along without it.
Unlike other folding bikes - which, although compact, still take up too much space and are unwieldy and heavy to carry around - CarryMe will truly become a part of you mobile life.

* Lightweight, goes anywhere with you!
* Folds in seconds, no tools required
* Excellent riding position for adults and kids
* Sturdy frame that rides like a full size bike
* Great acceleration and maneuverability
* Optimized gear ratio for relaxed, efficient pedaling

AND MORE.......
One-touch convenience is built into this design so you can fold and unfold it in seconds with no tools. Simply begin with the handlebars...
The sturdy construction and attention to detail on this frame gives you a feeling of confidence when you ride it.
Multi-purpose foldable rear carrier easily handles full size briefcase or computer bag. Rear rack wheels allow CarryMe to free stand vertically while folded and also offer mobility to be rolled along side you.
Foldable front carrier.

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