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Pedego Comfort Cruiser Step Thru Electric Bicycle

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In this step-through version of the Pedego Comfort Cruiser Classic Electric Bike, form and function are combined to provide a cool looking electric bike cruiser that is a comfortable alternative to the car or classical bicycle. Ride it to work, run your errands, get some exercise, or just get out there and have a fun time. This model blends fashionable retro-cruiser style with high quality electric components to carry you swiftly and easily to wherever you need to go. 

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l have a Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Bicycle they are a nice bicycle, the only downside of it is the battery sits up high which puts the weight up around the riders mid line leading to less control of the electric bicycle, and the Handle bars are too wide making it also hard to control. They ought to put the battery in between the back wheel and the seat too, this would lower the center of gravity that way, they should do this with all the other pedego electric bicycles, they have that with the Lifan Electric Bicycles too. These Pedego Comfort Cruisers weigh about 44 pounds

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