Pit Posse Universal Flywheel Holder, Part #202-19 -
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Pit Posse Universal Flywheel Holder, Part #202-19

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Pit Posse Universal Flywheel, Rotor & Sprocket Holder Tool. This tool keeps flywheels, rotors and sprockets from rotating while removing or tightening their fixing adjuster. The Pit Posse Universal Holder Tool holds sprockets and rotors with a minimum bolt hole distance of 13mm and a maximum distance of 230mm. It features 5mm and 9mm pins and an adjustable top screw to keep tool open at a set distance. Pin Size: 5mm & 9mm. Works with Bolt Hole Spacing Distance from 13mm up to 230mm. Adjustable Top Screw for Holding at a Set Distance. Made in Taiwan.

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