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Pulse Xcelerator Kick 'N Go Scooter

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Reengineered from the original Kick 'N Go scooter of the 1970s, the Pulse Xcelerator Kick 'N Go scooter provides a modern incarnation of the classic racing machine with a markedly faster and smoother ride. Unlike traditional scooters that require constant pushing off the ground, the Pulse Kick 'N Go uses a unique chain driven kick lever propulsion system that allows you to accelerate and maintain speed without ever touching foot-to-ground. Even beginning riders can hop on and execute tight turns while maintaining a balanced stance on the deck. It features a high-performance Chromoly steel frame with an ultra fine traction stripe on an ultra stiff, high tensile steel punch deck. You'll power the scooter with the single-action, dual sided, T-bar propulsion pedal at the back of the deck. After kicking it to power your ride, the T-bar comes back to its normal position within a few seconds for another propulsive kick. The handlebar includes ally, two-finger brake levers, dual-density control grips, and an internal downtube folding mechanism. It's completed by upgradeable BSB ABEC 7 precision speed bearings and 92A urethane street racing wheels with reinforced nylon hubs. It's quick and easy to assemble, and all necessary tools are included.

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