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Pumgo Fitness Scooter (M-101x)

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The Pumgo Scooter is a new way to exercise that combines the benefits of bicycle and stair-climber workouts. It's the Worlds First Fitness Scooter. Pumgo riding is an efficient, low-impact cardiovascular activity that burns the equivalent calories as cycling, rowing and power walking in an enjoyable riding experience. Get fit and have fun.

The reciprocal recovery pedals and dual drive-train system establish the Pumgo Scooter as a true innovation in human powered vehicles.

The Pumgo is the world's first pedal-powered scooter which combines the excitement of free-riding with a full-body cardio workout. Perfect for kids and adults, the Pumgo Scooter is stable, safe and easy to ride.

Two reciprocal pedals (stair-climber like motion) drive scooter forward.
Safe and easy to use.
Its like taking the elliptical outside for a spin.
Fitness and transportation all-in-one.
Almost everyone can learn how to ride it instantly.
Great cardiovascular exercise.
Aluminum Alloy Body.
Light and Foldable.
Perfect human-powered vehicle for both adults and kids (8+)
220 lbs. max.

Recommended Age: 8 and up
Scooter weight: 27 pounds
Dimensions (folded): 35" X 16" X 13"
Maximum handlebar height: 45"

Aluminum alloy body, hand brake
Air-filled tires (3)
Reciprocal pedals
Hard plastic transmission cover
Quick-release folding & handlebar clamps

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