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Pumgo Pedal Scooter

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After five years in development, the Pumgo Pedal Scooter is the most innovative scooter ever to hit the market. The Pumgo scooter offers an enjoyable ride for the whole family with all the benefits of a healthy exercise. The Pumgo scooter is a new human-powered vehicle. The Pumgo scooter has two reciprocal stair master like pedals that drive the scooter forward.

Whether you are looking for fun, recreation, a sporting toy, transportation, a fitness instrument or just something to do with the family, the Pumgo scooter provides it all. In times when motivating children to exercise can be a challenge, Pumgo scooter will be the real fit for fun thing for them. It's an excellent sporting toy to fight childhood obesity. It's easy to use, lightweight, and can be folded for carrying around or placing in your car trunk.

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