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Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard Smart Scooter

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With the Razor Hovertrax, Razor USA combines the patented technology that created the worldwide hoverboard sensation with Razor’s reputation for creating high quality, durable scooters. The all-new Hovertrax raises the bar for self-balancing smart scooters. 
Two whisper quiet electric hub motors take the Hovertrax to a top speed of 6 mph. Durable rubber wheels provide sure traction and precise cornering while the integrated high capacity lithium ion battery provides up to 115 minutes of continuous fun. The CPU controlled gyroscopic smart sensors respond to your every move providing an experience that's more like floating on air than riding a scooter.
As you step onto the dual foot operated sensors you feel like you've stepped into the future. The Razor Hovertrax responds and reacts to your every move as if reading your mind. Intuitive to learn and fun to master, in no time you’ll be spinning and swooping like you were born to fly. It accelerates smoothly and stop quickly even when being ridden by a full size adult. Described alternately as a miniature Segway without handles, a personal motorized transporter or a two-wheeled hoverboard, riding the Razor Hovertrax is an experience like no other.
Like all Razor products the Hovertrax is designed for epic fun with a shatter resistant polymer shell and sturdy frame construction.  The Razor Hovertrax comes ready to ride right out of the box. After the initial charge using the included charging adapter you are ready for full throttle fun. It is available in red or blue with aluminum hubs and anti-slip foot pads.
You’ve seen them everywhere and probably been checking them out so now is your chance to own the amazingly fun personal transportation device of the future. At home or on the street, going to work or hanging out with your friends, the Razor Hovertrax gives you patented technology backed by Razor’s proven quality, customer service and support. Now there is no reason not to join the fun on a Razor Hovertrax.
  • Battery (type) : Lithium
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