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Reviews of 700C Women's Schwinn Solitaire Hybrid Bike

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          4 of 5 stars Tiffany

I got this bike about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have ridden it to work a few times, around the neighborhood and on a 30 mile bike ride. It's lightweight, comfortable and handles bumps well. I love the bike, except the chain falls off when I switch gears and while going uphill on the long ride the gears would not switch down until I was over the hill. I thought it may be me causing this due to my inexperience. I haven't rode a bike in almost 20 years, so I don't remember the tricks to switching gears. However, when the chain was falling off on level ground when I switched gears following a little advise from a more experienced rider, I have to think it is the gears or chain. Possibly it was assembled incorrectly. Taking it to the shop tomorrow. The only complaint besides that may be that the rack is too close to the pedals because my heels hit the bag when I ride.

- Review by Tiffany