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Reviews of Kickstart City Sidewalker Push Bike

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          5 of 5 stars Roger Shaffer

Bought the City Sidewalker in March of 2011 and used it at least 10 miles a week until snow stopped the season. I'm a 60 year old runner and cyclist but didn't ride my bike last year. This scooter will let you stretch your legs as far forward you can reach and kick back as far with no impact. A $5,000 scooter will bring you back home sweaty and just about as tired. It's a lot of fun on a quiet evening. Riding up hill is a chore but there is a down for every up and it goes as fast as you can move your legs. However, my fenders did rust. Wax and undercoat them before using the scooter. The frame, wheels, tires and brakes are good.

- Review by Roger Shaffer