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Reviews of MotoTec Electric Trike 48v 800w

          5 of 5 stars
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          5 of 5 stars Patricia Burroughs

My husband has back and leg problems. This scooter is perfect for him to ride it to our mailbox and the basket is so handy to hold our mail and newspapers. He also rides the scooter around at car shows. My husband is thrilled to have this scooter. The price was excellent. Other scooters were priced at $800 and higher.

- Review by Patricia Burroughs
          5 of 5 stars craig markgraf

This Electric Trike is more then what I thought it would be. It's faster then what I was expecting. My neighbor went side by side with me and he said I went up to 24 mph. Love it!! You do need to make sure you're holding both hands on the handle bars, if not it could knock you off. The assembly was a little tough. The only complaint I would have on it is the brake pads They're pretty thin. Other then that, I love it. Drive it everyday.

- Review by craig markgraf
          5 of 5 stars julie davidson

assembly is tough but worth it. Lots of power, very speedy!

- Review by julie davidson
          5 of 5 stars vincent barnes

Bought for my father 6 mos ago, and now he is independently thriving.

- Review by vincent barnes
          5 of 5 stars Pat Kuchta

We purchased 2 of these trikes. They are faster than we anticipated and have been a lot of fun. Packing could have been sturdier for items that heavy. Both of the battery cases were partially sticking out of the box and the battery cases on both were gouged on top. Did not hinder the operation of the trikes so we are living with the blemishes. The instructions need to be rewritten. What we received was useless. Steps were omitted causing us problems where we had to backtrack and redo steps. Once finished - lots of fun.

- Review by Pat Kuchta
          5 of 5 stars Tom H.

Bought this scooter for an older brother who does not drive anymore. He drives by my shop every day with a BIG smile on his face. That alone was worth the price of the scooter. Thank-You very much. Tom

- Review by Tom H.
          5 of 5 stars Bobbie Turner

It's been great so far, I got no complaints.

- Review by Bobbie Turner
          5 of 5 stars Mary Little

Love my trike! Had it about a month and it is fast and fun! DO NOT pay any attention to the pitiful assembly guide..... my 7 year old grandson could have written a better one! You do not have to put the fuse in which by the way is located inside the battery box if you need to replace it later! Other than assembly on your own.... I am basically satisfied... could have better tires... doesn't have very good traction.

- Review by Mary Little
          5 of 5 stars Harold Fischer

This trike goes beyond what I expected. The frame seems pretty durable, and it takes a while before the battery level goes low. It's also pretty easy to charge it and get used to it. The size of the seat is wide and very comfortable, and the basket is good for any gear I'm hauling around.

- Review by Harold Fischer
          5 of 5 stars Karen Patel

This electric trike is so powerful! It startled me when I sat down for my first ride. It takes off so fast! I'm glad I had both hands on the handlebars. It has a beautiful build and is very comfortable. It's doing what it's supposed to do, only more powerfully and I like that. I am also loving the basket! Very worth its price.

- Review by Karen Patel