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Reviews of MotoTec Chaos 2000w 60v Lithium Electric Scooter

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars Brett Trammell

It's so much more powerful than my mototec 1600. I also love how this model has lights on front and back. I’ve been riding it everywhere! Thanks again!

- Review by Brett Trammell
          5 of 5 stars Ken Conlon

My son loves it! When it came he couldn't wait for me to get home so he got it ready. When I got home I made sure everything was tight and he was on his way! Only thing I had to fix was the rear tail light was shifted to the left. Easy 2 minute fix. Only 2 drawbacks to this scooter are I cant keep up with it on my mountain bike and now I want one! We've easily gone over 300 miles no issues on all terrain. AWESOME!!!

- Review by Ken Conlon
          5 of 5 stars kokchong lee

Today my bike arrived.. put together in just 30 min..Is a heavy bike ....strong high speed bike but not recommend for kid..One thing the battery cover can't lock, far need to try couple of days.

- Review by kokchong lee
          5 of 5 stars John D

Researched a bunch of 48v Lithium scooters and decided to drop the extra few dollars on this decision I made in a while. Both my 12 year old daughter (she rides in Eco mode) and I love this scooter. Primarily used for camping expeditions so rural off road riding and it handles it like a champ. Dirt, sand, grass, rocky paths are no problem with this scooter. Would recommend this to everyone!

- Review by John D
          5 of 5 stars Bryce Brunelli

Previously owned a 1600w 48v uberscoot scooter and it was good enough but the torque was a bit lackluster and range was junk. This scooter has atleast 1.5x the torque and is only a tiny bit less on the top speed (well worth it). The suspension is much more plush and less creaky. Has a little more travel too! Range is atleast 1.5x the 1600w uberscoot. Build quality is 10x better. This one doesn't feel like it going to snap at any moment like the 1600w (the 1600w actually snapped for me). Highly recommend this scooter over any other one!!!!

- Review by Bryce Brunelli
          5 of 5 stars Chelsea Hawley

Awesome customer service first of all. Secondly, awesome product. It’s all put together and ready to surprise my fiancé! He will be so excited!!! Thank you. :-)

- Review by Chelsea Hawley
          5 of 5 stars James Abt

This scooter is awesome. I've been riding all week on it on the first charge. It has excellent speed and maneuverability.

- Review by James Abt
          5 of 5 stars Johnathan Gregory

I had no issues with how the scooter arrived. Ten minutes to assemble and verify all other bolts were tight and I was on the road! Battery charged and ready to roll. Took it off road and was very impressed at its power going up hill and over rough trails. I'm 6' and 220 pounds. The Chaos has no problem getting me around!!!

- Review by Johnathan Gregory