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Reviews of MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter

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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars William Cardenas

I am 5'9" at about 220lbs and this beast does not even flinch. It drives like a real chopper, buy lighter. Gorgeous product and I love it so much. AZ, USA

- Review by William Cardenas
          5 of 5 stars Calvin Per Lee

Purchased two scooters (Fat Tire and Lowboy) the differences are remarkable. Overall very similar (range, speed, etc) but how they get there isn’t. Fat Tire is built like a tank (low tech) from the battery to the lack of suspension. Lowboy has all the look and feel of a motorcycle and tech abounds (alarm, signals, safety kill on kickstand). The gas tank is full (stuffed) with the controller and wiring. Family is having a blast learning to ride! #1 request is for a new seat on Fat Tire but that’s only because the seat on Lowboy is So much more.

- Review by Calvin Per Lee
          5 of 5 stars jeff matherson

After I bought it for my son, I took a ride on it and bought a second one for myself! I've been cooped up during this whole pandemic and it's perfect for getting out in to the fresh air. I love the way the fat tires it hug the road. Super comfortable with the back support. Definitely smooth & sturdy.

- Review by jeff matherson
          5 of 5 stars brent walsworth

This is a very fun scooter. I will give five stars because my criticism has nothing to do with the company I bought it from. The Scooter people are great and very responsive. From a technical standpoint, it falls short. The 60 day warranty on the battery tells me that is a lower quality battery. Quality rechargeable batteries come with a 3 - 5 year warranty. The grinding on the welds tells me they were done by a novice, or in china, and the weld splatters reinforce this belief. The plastic wheel covers are flimsy. The fat tire model is great for straight lines, but turning must be done carefully the circumfrence of the tire makes the scooter lift when attempting to lean into turns, even at low speeds. This is because of the "fat tire" design. Overall I am very happy with the scooter.

- Review by brent walsworth
          5 of 5 stars James Urquhart

OK, so I have only taken it up the street and back, but this thing is FAAAAST. And very solid. I picked up at freight terminal and opened there; they said they had never seen something like this packed as well as it was. Turning takes getting used to!

- Review by James Urquhart
          5 of 5 stars Chris Gianoutsos

This thing is awesome... Fast, heavy duty, big tire fun! Shipped so secure it took an engineering degree to unbox, but worth it! Will definitely buy from Urban Scooters again!

- Review by Chris Gianoutsos
          5 of 5 stars Frank H

Other than a loose connection on the battery, everything is great. What a fine toy to get back and forth from work, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Thank you!

- Review by Frank H
          5 of 5 stars Richard H.

You guys helped me with a scooter a few years ago. I’ve had a good time with it, but then I saw this new fat tire scooter. It delivered last week and it’s a pile of fun. The power caught me off-guard at first. I almost lost it first time out of the garage, so be careful. My neighborhood has its share of hills, and they’re no problem. It’s solid and heavy, but easy to balance. Quality is very good. I’ve been getting lots of attention on it.

- Review by Richard H.