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Reviews of MotoTec Knockout 60v 1000w Electric Scooter

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          1 of 5 stars Tyser Charara

Do not buy this worst thing I have ever bought in my life. Frist and for most it took 1 week to get here because the freight company they are with is horrible, when it comes in it is in this rusted metal cage that take a long time to take off a good 3 hours. No directions or instructions as well. Also everyday there is problems with that. Second the bolt never even went in until I flipped off it because it was not fitting and I thought you don’t need the bolt and it’s for extras. This happened because there where no instructions I was supposed to rate this 5 star but today just got me really pissed. Also over time when you ride this junk the back fender starts to stick to the tire sometimes and you need to manually lift it. Than the screws on the side with stab your tires the screws on the side of the fender. Horrible horrible horrible horrible I can say it 20 times.

- Review by Tyser Charara
          5 of 5 stars phillip whiteman

I bought this 3 weeks ago and assembled it today. Delivery guy was incredibly friendly and helpful. Box was torn up from all the moving around but it the scooter itself was intact. I have it charging now, but really impressed at the detail on this scooter considering how cheap it was

- Review by phillip whiteman
          5 of 5 stars Charles Derrick

Great fun. Looking forward to upgrades and parts from you. To make it even better. To personalize.

- Review by Charles Derrick
          5 of 5 stars Marc Milia

We love the look and ride of this scooter. Urbanscooters was also great to work with!

- Review by Marc Milia
          5 of 5 stars Steve MacDonald

This is my 2nd fat tire scooter. My first was an eDrift 60v/1500w (I've had it for the last 18 months) that I found '"used" on craigslist. The wire going to the hub motor got caught on something and ripped it out. I was going to buy a new eDrift but they wanted $1500 and they were rude. The downside to the Knock-Out version is, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles: turn signals, alarm, odometer, higher power. But, that's why it's $790 instead of $1500. There are odometer Apps that you can use on your phone to get an odometer. I haven't got one yet but I can tell that the Knock-Out 48v/1000w is actually faster than the eDrift 60v/1500w fat tire scooter by 3 - 4 MPH. My eDrift didn't have rear shocks so the ride on this one is a lot smoother too. I currently weigh about 230 pounds. If I could lose another 30 pounds it would probably go even faster. This scooter is my only transportation and I absolutely love it. No more Car Insurance, Sitting in Traffic, Road Taxes, Gas, License Plate, Ridiculous Repair Bills. I hope this new scooter last for a long time. I'm giving it 5 Stars. Thank You Urban Scooters!

- Review by Steve MacDonald
          5 of 5 stars Sean Rainey

I love this scooter the only problem is I get upset because it's raining and I can't ride it

- Review by Sean Rainey
          5 of 5 stars Jacob Berto

Short and sweet, the scooter is worth it and customer service (Frank) was vigilant and efficient in making sure I got my scooter. Thank you!!!

- Review by Jacob Berto
          5 of 5 stars James Franklin

My boyfriend just bought two of them and we absolutely love them. We had them shipped to Florida and they showed up in perfect condition. They take a while to unpack, but cant complain about that. They are well worth the money.

- Review by James Franklin
          5 of 5 stars Vince Zappa

I received the scooter several days ago, and for buying something only seeing pictures, I'm pleased with the purchase. The few times I've taken the scooter out everybody said it's badass! I let them ride my Knockout around the pier where I was sitting. They asked me where I bought it, and I told them, "Urban Scooters." I told them to go online and check your company out and added that the experience I had with your company was totally awesome. I will continue to promote your company!!

- Review by Vince Zappa
          5 of 5 stars vincent h

The Knockout is popular in our neighborhood. My wife and I both have one. We got them on recommendation from a neighbor, and I’ve seen another one around town, too. The scooters are heavy, sturdy and pretty darn fast. A hell of a lot of fun to cruise around on. Assembly was easy, only took about a half hour. The customer service at Urban Scooters is really good, too. Thanks!

- Review by vincent h
          5 of 5 stars Brandon Parker

It's super fast, and super cool! I look good riding my Knockout down the street. The tires are FAT and it's a really smooth ride.

- Review by Brandon Parker