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Reviews of MotoTec Mad 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

          5 of 5 stars
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          5 of 5 stars john lampkins

I bought it hoping it could help me hunt easier. I'm disabled and can't walk very far. This scooter out performed my expectations. I live and hunt in the idaho mountains. It gets me in and out of my hunting sites effortlessly and quietly. This scooter is by far the best investment I've made this year. I'm very happy with it. Excellent product!

- Review by john lampkins
          5 of 5 stars Patty Kuligowski

We live in a beach community and it is a great way to get around. Frank Minero was OUTSTANDING. He gave us GREAT customer service! I would definitely recommend your company to others and in particular this scooter!! They are so much fun.

- Review by Patty Kuligowski
          5 of 5 stars Mike Grabau

Tons of fun with this scooter and surprisingly well engineered. It didn't take long to assemble. Great support and communication from urbanscooters. Will purchase our next soon.

- Review by Mike Grabau
          5 of 5 stars Michelle Williams

Sooo after getting some expensive $500 plus stand up scooters that didn’t have the power to take my son up hills I decided to do my own research. I showed him something similar to this and he was leery but said he would like to try it. Well let me tell you this was the best purchase EVER!!! Our son is 5’11 210 pounds and he can easily ride up and down hills. He has autism and epilepsy so we make sure he wears his helmet but after the initial fright of getting on he is zooming off riding around our neighborhood. The customer service is amazing and we have 0 complaints. Everyone wants to know where he got it!

- Review by Michelle Williams
          5 of 5 stars Daniel Andrews

We had been shopping around for the right scooter for months. Thank goodness we found The bike we found is perfect for our needs. We have a son that has some learning disabilities so will never drive but he can ride this scooter. And because of his size, we had to find one that would support his weight, he is a very big guy but not overweight. We all love it, it is perfect for the job. Many thanks for the prompt response to our order and the delivery time is great. Assembly is a breeze with one small drawback, had to use a file to shave the handlebar just a small bit to get the grip to slide on like it should. Other than that, not a single problem. Glad we made our decision to go to Definitely a five star find.

- Review by Daniel Andrews
          5 of 5 stars Jeremy Birchfield

This scooter gets lots of looks, and is fun to ride. Only a few minor complaints. Chain rubs on the chain guard when letting off the throttle. And the front break squeaks. My one big issue is the the seat post did not want to mount easily. And broke one of the fasteners for the seat post due to stripping because the of the post. Once I got some replacement nuts and that's all handled.

- Review by Jeremy Birchfield
          5 of 5 stars Anh Tran

Urban Scooter was great in sending out my 2 scooters promptly. Good customer service. The scooter is very well made and easy (less than 15 min) to assemble. Thank you.

- Review by Anh Tran
          5 of 5 stars ken choe

So impressed with this scooter. There was a tear in the front bag, but they shipped out a new one, so it’s good.

- Review by ken choe
          5 of 5 stars Martin Barnhouser

Having big adventures on rail trails and long bike routes.

- Review by Martin Barnhouser
          5 of 5 stars Mike Ricci

It's stunning to look at and really powerful. I love the storage bags on the front and the seat post. The seats are comfortable and the whole scooter is elegant-looking. It came with a free shirt too! Awesome buy!

- Review by Mike Ricci
          5 of 5 stars Ben Krausen

I now get why it's called the Mototec MAD Scooter. It's mad powerful, it's mad amazing, and it's mad perfect! My favorite part about this electric scooter is that it's super comfortable. Or should I say, mad comfortable? It has what they call "phat tires" that add bounce and cushion while riding. That plus the suspension, seat and design are really good.

- Review by Ben Krausen