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Reviews of Switch The Voyager Electric Bike

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          4 of 5 stars Richard

I've rated this at 4 because I was impressed but I'm sure there are better products out there and I have nothing to compare to. The E Voyager is a heavy bicycle but it is certainly put together well with reasonable parts. The electronics, motor and battery all seem to do their job as specified and as all new users seem to say the bike performs much better than I expected. This bike appears to be a medium budget unit in terms of cost. Not particularly lightweight but put together well in a way that shows its strength. It is a comfortable ride and the weight only really shows itself when maneuvering it by hand in tight spaces, i.e. getting out the shed or garage. The e voyager is a good choice in my opinion if your looking for a robust bike that does not cost the earth. I am not regretting my choice. I have managed 20 miles with no issues in one go with minimal pedaling so it appears to have the capacity. I'm sure it would do 30 miles + but that would reduce the longevity of the battery. Pros: Robust, reasonably stylish, good battery electronic control and motor, comfortable on the road. Cons: heavy to lug about in a confined space

- Review by Richard