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Reviews of UberScoot 2x 50cc Scooter

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars Teofilo de Oliveira

great experience.

- Review by Teofilo de Oliveira
          5 of 5 stars mark vandeventer

this is my second i like my older one so much i thought i should have a spare. the original needs a new chain but i put probably a few hundred miles on it. other than the chain and normal maintenance it is still great. the only issue on the new one was the chain and the belts were too tight so if it doesn't have a little looseness on those and you will be set. the only reason i mention is so someone new will be able to get it going. it is all in the book and really easy. I for sure give it 5 stars! i love it.

- Review by mark vandeventer
          5 of 5 stars Youksamy Singanong

My first gas scooter I've ever bought and am very pleased with the purchase. Received the scooter in perfect condition right out box. The scooter was very easy to install. The only parts you'll have to attached yourself are the handle bars and the seat to the base of the scooter. Purchase your 2-type engine oil and gasoline and your ready to go. Took the scooter on a dirt trail for 10 miles and the ride was effortless. The rubber tires had great traction on both concrete and dirt. Don't hesitate to purchase this item.

- Review by Youksamy Singanong
          5 of 5 stars Wally Bryant

I recently purchased the UberScoot 2x 50cc and it took me about 20 min's to put together. This scooter has an aggressive sound in first gear and gets you through low speeds with ease. Second gear moves very quickly. I'd advise you wear protective gear and a helmet. I use 93 Octane Gas mixed with 2 cycle oil 30:1. I am grateful to UrbanScooters for help with parts. Good job to UberScoot on the craftwork and style of this beautiful ride.

- Review by Wally Bryant