Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant Pail Hand Pump, Part #202-27 -
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Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant Pail Hand Pump, Part #202-27

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Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Balancer, Safety Solution & Sealant Pail Hand Pump. The Ride-On TPS metered Hand Pump is designed to the highest engineering standards to allow a user to easily pump Ride-On TPS tire sealants into tires against pressures of up to 60 PSI. Each hand pump is calibrated to accurately pump from one to ten ounces of Ride-On TPS per pump stroke, and allows operator to adjust the volume in 1 oz. increments. When installed during mount-up, you can treat a medium truck tire with Ride-On in less than 2 minutes. Features: 6 Feet of Reinforced Hose - Withstands pressures up to 300 PSI and allows for mobility and reach. Quick-Connect-Chuck - Allows the pump hose to be attached to the valve stem securely without the need to deflate the tire. Built to Last - Hand pumps have anodized aluminum pump bodies, stainless steel ball check valves, special internally lubricated o-rings for smoother operation, heavy-duty nylon handles and pistons and aluminum pump shafts for years of trouble-free service. Easy to Maintain - Hand pumps have been designed to be easily dismantles for cleaning and servicing without the need for tools. 6 Ft. Reinforced Hose - Withstands Pressures up to 300 PSI. Accurately Calibrate From 1 to 10 oz. Per Pump Stroke. Anodized Aluminum Pump Body. Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve. Special Internally Lubricated O-Rings. Heavy Duty Nylon Handle & Piston. Aluminum Pump Shaft.

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