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Sabbath Silk Road Alp Titanium European Road Bike

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The tubes are manipulated so they can connect at sharper angles, which gives a larger and stronger contact area for the welds.
Sabbath uses a Cold Work Stress Relief welding process to retain titanium’s inherent properties of ductility, comfort and durability while eliminating large weld heat damage.
Manipulating the tubes in this way provides accurate control of tube wall thicknesses; and the fine tuning of ride characteristics for each frame design.
The whole process enables Sabbath to build frames with substantially stiffer and stronger joints.
Stiffer and stronger joints allows Sabbath to build frames with a more responsive ride. SABBATH TITANIUM ADVANTAGE:
Sabbath titanium frames do not have a rider weight limit.
Corrosion Resistant - Salty road, rain & dirt won’t ever damage the frame.
Impact Resistant – Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal.
Excellent Ductility – Resulting in the much heralded titanium ride quality.
High Fatigue Strength - Titanium is unaffected by the repeated load cycles that our frames are put through in normal use.
Longevity – With titanium’s material properties, intelligent design & exceptional build quality a Sabbath frame can last a lifetime.

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