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Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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A durable, well-integrated electric motor is the biggest feature of this new Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. This pedal-assist electric bike has a barely noticeable 250W motor that is designed to help the rider pedal without effort. Its step-through frame and large tires are reminiscent of the once popular three-speed Dutch bikes. Even the wide, comfortable seat comes in a beautiful brown color with suspension. It's a retro look with a modern feel.

Out of all the electric bikes we carry, nothing has the seamless feel of the Sanyo electric bicycle. It's not just a bike with a motor attached, it's a fully integrated smart-bike. Electric bike technology doesn't get much better than this.

Standard pedal assist mode is a 1:1 ratio of electric power to human power. This means the energy put into pedaling is matched exactly by the motor. In "Power Up" mode, the motor will double this energy in a 2:1 ratio. Use this mode for steeper hills. The Eneloop Electric bike will automatically switch between these two modes in "Auto" mode, depending on the incline of the hill.

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