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Segway i180 Human Transporter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Segway Human Transporter (HT) i180 is one of the more adaptable and colorful Segway models. With new fenders, wheels and battery options, it was intended for longer range, steadiness and an abundance of load capacity. The i180 readily navigates an extensive range of landscapes.

Moveable silver splashguards on the fenders permit the rider to modify the appearance of the Segway HT. Position them toward the front of the fenders for a more forceful look; move them to the rear for the greatest spray protection; or, remove them completely for a sleek, simple look.

The i180 is the first Segway HT to sport black wheels that come standard with contrasting silver inserts. Five inserts are designed to fit into slots within the wheel; with one slot marked with a subtle notch to identify the location of the air valve concealed beneath. For more customization, additional splashguards and wheel inserts are available from Authorized Segway Dealerships or online at the Segway Shop. Splashguards and wheel inserts are at present available in Sport Red, Solar Yellow, and silver.

Additionally, the i180 comes prepared with a number of standard features. Power assist mode permits riders to move the device up and down stairs more easily. The control shaft is adjustable to the comfort of the rider and allows the Segway HT to fit in the trunk of many cars. To help prevent theft, each Segway HT comes with its own set of keys, encoded with a unique 64-bit security identification. The i180 also comes with a mechanical parking stand.

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