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Sidewalker Kickstart Downhill Kick Bike

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Not for the timid or weak of heart, the Downhill is the biggest and baddest of the Sidewalker® line.Designed for off-road use with ul tra-strong reinforced fram e, high ground clearance, fat knobby tires, v-brakes and suspension forks.Going down mountain ski slopes in the summer-time is the ultimate scooting experience; take it up again by the chair lift and prepare for the ride of your life.

* 26" tires, front suspensions, award winning design and high quality braking system.

* FRAME - monotube 50.8 mm

* SUSPENSION FORK - zokes pro

* RIM - al dx32

* BRAKES - V-Brake

* LENGTH - 193 cm

* H-BAR HEIGHT - 105 cm

* WEIGHT - 13.5 kg

* COLOR IN STOCK - kawa LIME green

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