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Staats BMX Complete Bike (OX PLatinum Chromoly Frame)

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Staats takes great pride in the quality, strength and ride characteristics of their frames.
With over ten years building frames with various materials (including and over forty different models of frames) they are THE FRAME EXPERTS.

Staats has the perfect bike for you.

And remember, Staats has become a familiar name in BMX racing due to their quality craftsmanship!

What is OX Platinum?

Staats’ USA frames are made from TRUE TEMPER'S OX PLATINUM Series aerospace grade air hardened steel. This steel has been modified it to enhance its properties for light weight bicycle frames. The ultimate tensile strength exceeds 195,000 psi.

Air hardened steels are desirable for high performance welded steel frames. At the edges of the molten weld pool, as the metal freezes, an unavoidable microscopic notch is formed. This is a stress concentrator that magnifies the actual stresses of riding by a factor of 4 to 6 times. The weld is relatively small and cools so quickly that metallurgical changes occur creating localized hard and brittle areas, if the alloy is not specifically designed to avoid this.

Air hardening steels are metallurgical designed so that as the steel cools and solidifies from the molten state in air, the steel hardens to an even higher strength. The metallurgists must control the alloying elements so that the hardened steel is also tough and able to absorb impacts.

Most heat treated steels tend to soften, when heated between about 1000°F and 1500°F. TIG Welding, which heats the joint up to the melting point, must heat the part of the tube adjacent to the weld up into this annealing range, thus locally weakening the tube. This drop in strength has no effect on every day riding, but it does reduce the potential long term fatigue life and, in a crash, can lead to buckling of the frame. OX PLATINUM is very resistant to this annealing. Thus an OX PLATINUM frame will survive crashes better, and also have a much better fatigue life.

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