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Strida 5.0 SX Limited Folding Bicycle

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Strida is the first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years.

The STRiDA was invented in the United Kingdom in 1987 as an elegant solution to a pressing urban problem – the daily commute. Dubbed by the bike press as a “rolling miracle”.

The STRIDA has evolved over the past 20 years to become the lightest, cleanest, most efficient and easy to use folding bike on the market. Its unique triangle construction, greaseless chain, and five second fold time distinguish it from the overly complicated and heavy folding bikes on the market.

Inside a triangular frame of lightweight aluminum, power is transferred to the rear wheels via a silent clean Kevlar belt.
Handlebars are mounted horizontally, so the rider can sit comfortably upright with an excellent view of the road.

The genius of the triangular frame is that it can fold. In five seconds, you have a light, compact form that you can easily wheel before you, stow in a closet, load in your car or take on the train.

With no external grease or oil to soil your clothes, Strida makes daily commuting fun and practical. Now, instead of being snarled up in traffic, you can ride wherever you want, then fold up your transport and take it with you.

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