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Afikim Superlight S3

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Afikim's Superlight S3 3-wheel travel scooter is a worldwide best seller thanks to it stabilty and ability to disassemble quickly and easily. The Superlight disassembles into four pieces plus the basket and batteries and the heaviest piece, the rear motor, is only 31 pounds. This is an ideal scooter for travelling, shopping or going to appointments because of the ease in transporting it with you. It can also easily be used indoors because it is only 24" wide and has a tight  33" turning radius.

What Makes This Different
While the size of this scooter is great for indoor use, the stable design and high 3.3" ground clearance also enables it to be used outdoors. The rear wheel drive motor provides a lot of power and the ability to traverse over gravel or grass. It is pretty rare to be able to find a travel scooter that can handle uneven terrain and the Superlight S3 is capable.

This scooter is 45" long so it provides more legroom than most and is great for a taller individual, just be aware that the seat is 20" above the deck so your legs will definitely be bent.

Why We Like It
We like the Superlight S3 because of the range and portability it provides. It has the longest drive range available for a travel scooter at 18 miles and a top speed of 5 MPH. The battery is sure to last you all day and never leave you stranded, just be sure to charge it daily.

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