Swagtron T5 Hoverboard - $249.99
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Swagtron T5 Hoverboard

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The Swagtron T5 Hoverboard is an entry level self-balancing scooter that’s great for first-time riders. Its compact design is the perfect size for small hands and little feet.

The Swagtron T5 is a solid, stylish hoverboard on sale at a low price. If you learn to love hovering, you can upgrade later, but for now, the Swagtron Turbo Five is a great way to get started. It offers a simple design that covers all the basics.

It’s sleek, smooth and makes you look good when you hover. The Swagtron emblem on the foot pads and aluminum rims are really cool, too. It comes in two colors; white and black.

As with any hoverboard, you move by leaning forward or back and by tilting your feet. Acceleration sensors and an internal gyroscope sense your movement and set you in motion. Swagtron calls this process Dynamic Equilibrium. The board is well built and easy to control. The hard rubber tires give excellent traction, and non-slip foot pads help you grip the board.

• Speed: 7 mph
• Range: 7 - 12 miles
• Motor: Dual 200 watt motors.
• Battery: 25.9v, 2.6ah lithium-ion battery pack. Sentryshield® technology.
• Charge Time: 90 - 100 minutes.
• Dimensions: Length 23”
                          Width 7”
                          Height 3.8”
• Weight: 19 lbs.
• Carrying Capacity: 44 to 187 lbs.
• Tires: 6.5” hard rubber tires on aluminum rimmed wheels.

Standard Features:
• Learning mode.
• Battery indicator.
• Battery charger.
• Non-slip foot pedals.
• UL 2272 Certified.

  • Speed (mph) : 5 - 9
  • Range (miles) : 10 - 14
  • Motor (watts) : 201 - 400w
  • Battery (type) : Lithium
  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 151 - 200
Video of the Swagtron T5 in action... with a side order of romance!
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