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Synergy Cycles 7-Speed Twin Shock Rear Suspension E bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The New Synergy Cycles 7 Speed Twin Shock Rear Suspension E-bike, is the quality ride people were expecting. With a range of 20 miles and speed of 20 mph or more with nominal pedaling, it is a practical, economical and environmentally friendly way for commuting, for recreational exercise, or for errands. This Synergy Cycles electric bike offers a sleek full front and rear shock design, a 26" x 17" frame, and is user friendly for both men and women between 5' 6" tall or more. BikeMania considers this the BEST electric bike available for under $1,000. Get a FREE PRO 12 helmet by mail ($25.99 value) when you purchase a Synergy Cycles bike!


* Powerful Brushless Motor
* Disc Gear Propulsion System
* Twin Shock Full Suspension E-Vehicle
* 7 Speed Freewheels
* 24V Portable Battery Pack
* Front and Rear V-brakes
* Brake Lever with Motor Auto Shut-Off Design
* High Quality Derailleur
* Exquisite and Reliable Throttle Controller


* Take the hills with confidence.
* Pulse modulated throttle allows you to engage the motor in any gear giving you the ability to pedal up a hill with the same leg strength as if you were pedaling on a flat surface.
* Powerful motor with customized rpm setting for more torque or speed.
* Twin-Shock rear suspension allows for a comfortable ride.
* Environmentally friendly way to commute to work or social events where parking is limited.
* Allows you to replace your automobile for short trips within 10 miles of your home.
* Costs 5-7 cents per charge, compared to the cost of a gallon of gasoline at an average of $2.75 per gallon - gets 400 miles per gallon with no license, insurance, or registration required.
* Recharging is so easy, just plug it in!
* Standard charger 1.5 amp recharges completely discharged battery in 6-8 hrs.
* All Chargers are smart chargers allowing you to recharge at anytime and the charger will turn off automatically.
* You can recharge the battery at any discharge level.
* Built in LED on battery measures discharge rate.
* Center kickstand allows you to be able to service and repair your e-bike on it's own stand (i.e. adjust brakes and derailleur, lube chain, or repair flat) without additional cost of bike stand.
* Double Wall Alloy Wheels with thorn resistant tubes.
* Strongest warranty on the market. Complete 1 year warranty on any factory defective product, including motor.
* Batteries pro-rated after 90 days up to 1 year)

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