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TerraTrike Rover 3 Recumbent Trike

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The Rover is bringing triking to the masses! However, be assured this is NOT your grandmother's trike! With its higher seat, tighter turning radius, easy adjustability and simple assembly / dis-assembly to allow for easy transport, you may find the Rover to be the last trike you ever buy. And at this price, everyone in the family can afford one!

The main feature of the Rover is it's new seat. A full 4 inches higher than most other tadpole trikes on the market; it is the same height as a standard office chair. This makes getting in and out of it a breeze - even no-handed! This also puts the rider at almost eye level with most standard car drivers for better visibility and safety. The seat is also fitted with a special adjustment clamp allowing for quick adjustments from very short sizes to very large sizes - all with the quick flip of a lever. The frame is also easily adjustable giving you even more sizing options. Go from your young child to Shaq sized in just minutes. All with the same trike.

The Rover's ingenious design also provides for easy transportation. The trike is comprised of 4 elements that all bolt together within 5 minutes. This makes it very simple to break down and transport in a standard car. Now you can easily take your trike with you on vacations, camping and family trips.

Because of the design, it has a very small turning radius (In most cases even shorter than a standard upright bicycle). You can take your Rover into places that had never before been accessible to trikes. Another great factor of the design is the absence of any idler wheels. The simple chain routing along with the internally geared rear hub makes the trike extremely quiet, efficient and nearly maintenance free.

The Rover also ships with an assortment of 8 different colored decal packs. Customize your Rover to your preferred color or mix and match to produce a one-of-a-kind trike.

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