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TerraTrike Zoomer Elite Recumbent Trike

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The Zoomer and Zoomer Elite are perfect for the triker that wants the feel of a sports car and is addicted to speed. With an aluminum frame and entry level pricing, these trikes will give you responsive and sporty handling, lightweight frame and gears to put you at the head of the pack. Upgrade to the Zoomer Elite and you get even more high-end components and features.

Another great feature of the Zoomer and Zoomer Elite is the locking telescoping boom, which allows for the trike to be quickly adjusted for different leg lengths. This is perfect for younger trikers that need to be able to ÒgrowÓ into a trike or families that share a trike and have closely similar x-seams.

But donÕt be fooled by the speed. The Zoomer and Zoomer Elite are also capable of taking you on those longer trail rides, commutes or tours. You will just have to make frequent stops to allow the others to catch up.

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