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Time of Your Life

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The “Time of Your Life” from Zize Bikes is the ultimate comfort cruiser, and just the sort of easy-riding, heavy-duty bike you've been asking for. The crank, built slightly forward from the usual position, is one of the important subtleties of The Time of Your Life's design. The slight leg-extension cause by the unique frame design has serious advantages, in that the upright position the rider takes on  is lower to the ground, making touching the ground on short notice easier and falling much less likely.
On top of all the safety benefits provided by the Time of Your Life's custom engineered frame, the rider is encouraged to adopt a posture with their head up and their back straight, which translates to a comfier ride that's better for your back. With the aforementioned modifications and the 550 pound weight limit provided by the cromoly steel frame, this bike makes it clear that it is designed especially for big people, with every possible luxury. If you're bigger than most bikes you've seen are built for, don't be pushed into settling for some poorly-built, uncomfortable bike that you aren't sure about. This bike is hand-made in the USA, and at a price that is roughly half of the price a frame-builder would ask for something comparable.
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