Titan Trail 4.0 26" Men's 21-Speed Mountain Bike -
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Titan Trail 4.0 26" Men's 21-Speed Mountain Bike

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Features and Benefits Bike Type: Mountain Bike--Are super versatile, you can ride them in the dirt or ride them on the pavement. Type of Shifter: Thumb Shifters--Refers to the small levers attached to the handlebar that you work with your thumbs to select individual gears. Front Brake: V-Brake--Are hand-operated brakes that give you extreme braking power with a simple design. Rear Brake: V-Brake--A simple designed hand-operated brake that will give you extreme braking power. Fork Type: Suspension--This helps smooth your ride and increase your bike's handling. Rims: Steel--Very strong material which makes the wheels extremely durable. Tire Type: Knobby--Feature small raised knobs that help the tires grip better in dirt and in mud. Key Specs Bike Gender: Men's Bike Wheel Size: 26 Inches Bike Frame Size: 18 Inches Seat Post: Chrome-Plate Steel Some Assembly Required --

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