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Tomcat Fizz Special Needs Trike

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Finally, the Tomcat Fizz Special Needs Trike is now available to riders in the USA.
A road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities
Recommended for riders ages 4 and above

“The trike has made family walks at the weekend much more fun for Beatrice and she also likes nothing better than riding it to collect her sister from school. It has improved her quality of life and enabled her to pedal alongside her peers. We are all very grateful!” - Beatrice, Rachel, James and Phoebe Hirons

The Tomcat Fizz trike is designed with wide ranging disability, safe outdoor use, family activity and transportability in mind.
A cool looking, single speed trike, with either a fixed, freewheel or Dual Drive™.
The Fizz is very light (just 14kg+ / 30 Lbs) yet immensely strong and 100% Custom Made in Britain.

+ The world’s first special needs trike to have Carer Control™ (rear steering carer supervision)
+ “Two Piece” frame (for easy transport)
+ Trailer adaption (Trailer-Trike™ for family cycling)
+ Optional Swivel Saddle™ (for accessibility)

The Fizz is designed to ensure that all riders with physical difficulties, learning difficulties or visual impairments, stay safe outdoors in any situation, no matter how challenging.

In 1997, Bob met his wife Anne and her son Thomas, who had Angelman’s syndrome, a profound disability, typified by severe learning difficulties, sleep disturbance and poor coordination. Bob and Tom soon became best friends and Bob looked for ways to help Tom sleep through increasing his exercise. At that time, trikes were considered unsuitable for children like Tom on safety and ability grounds, however Bob invented an entirely new kind of trike called a “Tomcat” which overcame the difficulties that were holding children like Tom back.

Over the past twenty years, Tomcat has helped thousands of children who each have a unique story to tell. They have built a reputation for excellence, and a willingness to take on challenges through a readiness to innovate in building special needs trikes, that other companies were unable or unwilling to match. As a result Tomcat enjoys a second to none reputation.

Requires some assembly preferably by a trained cycle mechanic.

Ships directly from the UK - expect delivery in 7 weeks.

  • Weight (lbs) : 26 - 50
  • # of Wheels : Three
  • Age Range (yrs) : 4 - 6
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