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Tommaso Aereo Tri Bike (Professional Race)

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The new Tommaso Aereo carbon triathlon bike is the result of thousands of training miles and years of experience racing, building and fitting tri bikes. Tommaso even had their product guy compete in an Ironman to get this 12K carbon beauty dialed. The result is the Tommaso Aereo. The Aereo is the answer to all the other brands out there with starting price points around $5,000! Is there real gold in there decals? Just because triathlon has the highest income of all the cycling disciplines doesn't mean you have to rob everyone. There's more to tri than just the bike. There are gym fees for the pool, running shoes, race-fees and for some, coaching fees. Tommaso made this bike at such a great price you will be able to afford the rest. When it came to components on the Tommaso Aereo the product team chose Shimano for its reliability and well know name for quality. For the Aereo you will find the new Shimano 6700 rear derailleur with a 105 Shimano 12x25 cassette, chain and front derailleur. Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed shifters take care of the crisp shifting and are handily located on the FSA J-Bend tri extensions. For the power from the pedal you will find the FSA Omega 50/34 crank. A lot of endurance athletes have come to embrace the compact gearing for saving the legs while still providing the power. The Tommaso Product Manager raced on a compact for most of the 2008/2009 season. Tri racing is different than road racing. As a triathlete you want have a little something left in the legs for that little run at the end whether it's the 5k, 10k, half marathon or the big 26.2 of an Ironman. If you are grinding a huge gear on the bike you better be a pro or be ready to walk the run?enough said!

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