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Tommaso Augusta Digger Track Bike

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Tommaso Digger: If you're looking for a real fixie to turn heads this is your bike. The Tommaso Digger comes with gold track bars, half wrapped, in the world! Simplicity is the genius behind the fixed gear bike. No shift or brake cables to adjust. No derailleur to tempt your concern. The Digger is a simple soulful frame with a few necessary parts to make up the complete machine. The product team approached the Tommaso Digger with the mindset that everyone needs to own this bike. This is the bike you get on in the morning and it makes your day. This is the bike you park outside the bar stare at through the window. This bike makes going to work almost seem worthwhile. We at Randall Scott offer this bike at a price that makes owning a Digger possible for everyone.

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