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Tommaso Augusta Track Bike

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There's a great feeling when you ride a Tommaso Augusta. The hair stands up on your arms when you feel the pull of the fixed gear coming around through the pedal stroke. The steel vibe of the frame sooths the soul while the road welcomes your journey. Simplicity is the genius behind the fixed gear bike. No shift or brake cables to adjust. No derailleur to tempt your concern. The Tommaso Augusta is a simple soulful frame with a few necessary parts to make up the complete machine. What is the Augusta Ninja? A blacked out frame with minimal logos, blacked out deep dish wheels, black drop handlebar, black tape, black stem, black seatpost, black seat... Yes, that why we call it the Ninja, and there is nothing stock looking about it! We may have some favoritism here but we think this is the best looking steel track bike available on the market. This is the real deal...not some bike produced to jump on the bandwagon. Yeah, we've seen all the ugly "commercial" bikes holding the dust off the floor at the local shops. A special note to my hipster friends: We can continue to save money and put it towards beer, messenger bags, concert tickets and laundering our dirty white t-shirts and denim because the Ninja is a priced to kill. We here at The Randall Scott Company ride the Augusta everywhere. It is perfect for commuting and knocking around town. Nothing to maintain, and stealthy black, this bike is ideal for the messenger in all of us. At The Randall Scott company we have a parking problem...inside! We have bikes parked at every desk. Why be packed like lemmings in tiny metal boxes (The Police, Synchronicity II)? Got out of the car, grab a Timbuk2 bag, and head to work, play or pub. Bad days at work or play are immediately erased by a good rip through town.

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