Torker Unistar LX Unicycle 20" Blue/Chrome -
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Torker Unistar LX Unicycle 20" Blue/Chrome

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The LX unicycle improves upon the CX with a stronger chromoly frame and the new flatter platform crown, designed to give the rider more ""sole"" support while doing 1-footed dtricks and foot-scuffing skills. This new frame coupled with the ""sure hold"" double bolt seatpost clamp, deluxe saddle with front nose handle, and precision bearings encased by the heavy duty main cap-style bearing holders. The lightweight and sturdy 36-hole alloy wheel uses aluminum cotterless crankarms, and a low profile street tread tire.

* Chromoly frame
* Deluxe saddle
* 48-spoke wheel
* Alloy cotterless cranks

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