Toucan 20" Kick Bike Scooter - $195.00
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Toucan 20" Kick Bike Scooter

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Quite a range of people from nearly all ages, adults to even taller kids, can get a lot out of this versatile bike. The Toucan 20” Kick Bike Scooter is well-built and well-priced, with all the amenities you might expect of a much more expensive scooter. Its 20” tires are quality spoke wheels, which are much smoother, safer, and especially more comfortable than the lower-grade solid plastic wheels that many scooters offer. Safety is taken care of as much as it can be, as the brakes are installed in front and back for great stopping power, and it comes fully outfitted with side stand, alloy rims and handlebar bumper.


At 250 pounds, the weight limit is pretty generous, and its clear that it is afforded by the excellent quality of the build: stainless steel spokes, strong alloy rims, alloy hubs, and front suspension all come standard. Whether you need to get from A to B in no time on a bumpy road or just take a leisurely ride through the park, this kickbike is just what you need.

  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 201 - 250
  • Wheel Size (in) : 20”
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