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Triaid T5 Adult / Teen Folding Special Needs Tricycle

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TRIAID is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of special needs equipment for children.
Their design personnel have over 20 years experience in the design of special needs equipment for children.

Free Puncture-proof tires. (or select Pneumatic if you prefer them)
Free Adjustable Back Trunk Support (Select from Backrest options)

Derived from Triaid / Theraplay's popular range of foot-propelled tricycles, the T5 Tricycle is designed for the more adventurous cyclist.
Created with a robust frame that can absorb the bumps and hollows of our streets and pathways, the T5 gives the rider the ability to explore wider horizons with greater confidence.

Theraplay's design team have given special attention to the styling of the T5 Tricycle.
Care has been taken to select components that will give maximum performance and enhance the appearance of the tricycle.
Designed to suit the needs of teenage to adult riders.
The T5 model incorporates:
- a comfortable seating position that adjusts for growth
- variable height handlebars
- two forms of positive easy to use brakes.

T5 Tricycles are available with a choice of two types of gearing.
- A single speed free-wheel gear is for riders who wish to cycle without the pedals constantly turning.
This option will allow riders to navigate cycle paths and parks with ease.
- A fixed-gear provides the maximum therapeutic benefit for the rider and gives increased maneuverability.
The foot pedals turn as the wheels turn, meaning both legs are given a thorough workout.
This type of gearing enables the rider to control the speed of the tricycle with the foot pedals and to reverse if caught in a tight corner.

Triaid features are not found in many similar products and it is this uniqueness that they strive to maintain.

Every product in the TRIAID/THERAPLAY range has been extensively tried and tested to performance and suitability.

Triaid special needs tricycles are the only brand chosen for use by the UK National Health Service and carries the CE brand mark as a certificate of conformance to manufacturing procedures and product function.

· Carefully engineered frames for strength and style
· Low step-through frame for easy access
· A choice of 3 frames sizes
· Front suspension fork for improved performance and handling
· Front Disc brake with additional V-style brake with parking option for ultimate stopping power
· 2 gearing options
· Adjustable steering stop to assist stability
· Many optional accessories which allow the tailoring of the tricycle to suit every rider's needs
· Frame Folding Mechanism
· Adjustable back/trunk support
· Foot support systems
· Saddle Options
· Loop Style or Cumfi grip Handlebars
· Pneumatic or puncture proof tires
· Rear Carrier Basket

  • # of Wheels : Three
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