Trikke Tech T12 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter -
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Trikke Tech T12 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter

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The Trikke 12 Roadster with its customized, high-pressure pneumatic tires and disc brakes eats up bad road and pushes the edge of the T8 carving envelope times 10. Carve deeper and ride harder with confidence and control, and tackle hills like a giant slalom skier tackles the mountain. Perfect for athletes wanting to combine a fast and exhilarating ride with excellent cross-training for endurance, balance, agility and strength. If you want the ultimate cambering vehicle that you can take to the limit, this one's got the girth. Also, because of its larger wheels and heavier frame, you'll find that it takes less turns to keep your speed essential for anyone interested in long distance carving. It's the best ride we currently offer; not for the faint of heart. Suggested Weight Limit 250lbs.

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