True Bicycle's Heavy Duty Electric Bike N Tricycle Motor Kit (34 AMP) -
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True Bicycle's Heavy Duty Electric Bike N Tricycle Motor Kit (34 AMP)

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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This is the most powerful and dependable electric motor system you can add to your bike or trike. 
If you need help getting up an incline or live in a rolling neighborhood, this is your answer. 
With twice the power of the True Bicycles original kit, the Hill Climber Dual Motor will provide you with it's outstanding performance.

At last an Electric Bicycle motor kit that is affordable and dependable. 
The True Bicycle Electric Power Kit comes with instructions for EASY assembly. 
The True Bicycle Electric Bike Power Kit is made right here in the U.S.A. 
The True Bicycle Electric Bike Power Kit will provide speed of up to 15 MPH for your tricycle.

The factory that builds the Kit is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of electric bike and trike motor kits. 
The factory has more than 10 years in the electric bike and trike market, with thousands of kits sold and never a motor failure. 
A record that they are very proud of and no other company can match.

True Bicycle believes bolt on Electric Bike Power Kits are best, rather than a trike designed to be specifically made for electric assist. 
Their universal Electric Trike Power Kits will give many years of service, sometimes out lasting the tricycle that they have been installed on. 
The Kit can be easy switched from one trike to another in as little as thirty minutes.

With gas prices that keep going up it is not just money you save but the healthy exercise you get going to work, the grocery store, the beach or just visiting your neighbors and it is also a great way to go green and save energy.

Universal Trike / Bike Kit:
The kit comes with motor, 12 Volt 34 amp sealed lead acid battery, electronics, battery bag, fully automatic charger, & all hardware.

High efficiency, ceramic, and permanent magnet direct current motor. 
High output.

Solid state electro-mechanical system. Spring loaded safety on/off trigger switch shuts off motor when released. 
Safety Feature: Rider must pedal to engage the motor.

Electronic Board:
State of the art electronics "the brain" . 
All connections plug into the electronic board. 
It has a built in surge suppressor that monitors & protects the system from over heating. 
This is an Electric Bike Factory Exclusive.

Sealed lead acid battery 12 volt available in 34 amp.

Pedal assisted speed up to 15 mph for trikes (250 pound rider). 
If you pedal more, you can go farther. 
No Drivers License is required in the United States.

Distance & Range:
Total distance & range is dependent on terrain and rider input through pedaling, & rider weight. 
The 34-amp battery is good for a distance of approximately 20 miles on an average trike.

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