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Urban Mover Terrain Folding Electric Bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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Although bicycles are one of the most common modes of transportation the world over, it seems like few Americans will take bicycles as a serious alternative to travel by car. This is where the Urban Mover Terrain electric bike comes in: a battery-powered bicycle that can go farther and faster than a conventional bike, with little effort.


The Terrain offers a real alternative to the social and fiscal costs of driving. Maintenance and fuel costs are minimal, with the electricity for charging the fuel checking in at about 10 cents for every 12 to 18 miles (the charger works in standard outlets and charges in less than six hours). In addition, the bike effectively flattens hills by increasing your average speed on the approach, making it simple to climb hills of up to 12 percent without collapsing in exhaustion. Perhaps the most popular feature, however, is the emission-free design, which is far cleaner and greener than carbon-based transportation. And if you charge the bike using power from a wind generator or solar panels, you'll be even greener. All that plus it doesn't smell or rattle, is completely silent, and is easy to maintain.

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