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Uscooter Booster Plus S+ Electric Scooter

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The Uscooter Booster Plus S+ electric scooter is one of the lightest long-range commuter scooters out there. It’s solidly built, but weighs only 24 lbs. It travels up to 20 miles on a charge. Once the battery is depleted, it recharges in only 3 hours. The 500w motor provides a top speed of 22 mph and a generous amount of torque.

If the Booster Plus looks familiar, you might know it under another name. E-Twow has rebranded. This is the same scooter you’ve grown to love, now under the name Uscooter.

A direct drive motor is mounted in the hub of the front wheel. Top-quality 36v, 8.7ah lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries sit under the deck. One of the reasons the Booster Plus gets such fantastic range is its Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Uscooter is the first company to apply this advanced tech regenerative braking system to an electric scooter. KERS is typically found in Formula 1 race cars.

The Uscooter Booster Plus smooths out bumps in the road with front fork mono-suspension and beefy rear swing arm suspension. The large 8” air-free tires may not offer as much comfort as pneumatic, but on the bright side, you’ll never get a flat. A patented 3-point folding system gets your Booster Plus super compact and ready to carry or store in seconds. Height adjustable handlebars make it suitable for riders of all sizes.

It comes with a boatload of other cool features like a powerful (six LED) headlight, rear light, Piezo ceramic horn, cruise control and a beautifully backlit LED display. Through the display, you can check speed, battery level, total/current trip distance, and temperature. You can even set the headlight to turn on when the ambient light drops.

The Uscooter Booster Plus S+ ranks #4 in our Top 10 Electric Scooters of 2018 guide!

Specifications• Speed: 22 mph.
• Range: 20 miles.
• Motor: Front hub 500w brushless motor.
• Frame: High-end aluminum alloy frame. Mono-suspension in the front and swing arm suspension in the rear, under the deck.
• Drivetrain: Direct drive hub motor (no chain necessary), variable speed trigger throttle.
• Battery: 36v, 8.7ah Lithium Polymer batteries. 314 wa.
• Charge Time: 3 hours.
• Brakes: Hand activated magnetic braking. Foot activated rear brake. Both braking systems activate KERS regenerative braking technology.
• Dimensions: Length 40.5", 37.5" folded
                          Width 14.75", 5.75" folded
                          Height 36.5" to 45" (adjustable), 12.5" folded
• Weight: 24 lbs.
• Carrying Capacity: 275 lbs.
• Tires: Patented 8” air free polyurethane tires that are coated with a rubber composite.
• Warranty: 1 year warranty with 6 months on the battery.

Standard Features• LCD Display w/ speedometer, odometer, battery gauge and temperature.
• Cruise control.
• Integrated headlight with 6 LED’s to light up the road ahead.
• Integrated taillight.
• Front and rear fenders.
• Piezo ceramic electronic horn.
• Battery charger.

Additional Info• Uscooter was formerly branded as E-Twow.

  • Speed (mph) : 20 - 24
  • Range (miles) : 20 - 24
  • Motor (watts) : 401 - 600w
  • Battery (type) : Lithium
  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 251 - 300
Uscooter Booster Plus Video Review
Uscooter Booster Plus Review from Wired. Great review, but Wired got one thing wrong. Scooter people are very cool and get much love 😍
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My favorite part about this Uscooter is it's super lightweight compared to other electric scooters I've had in the past. I can just carry it around without worrying about it weighing me down. It's also pretty fast. And it looks good! And is the best damn scooter out there!

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