Uvex Discovery 2011 E-Bike and City Bike Cycling Helmet -
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Uvex Discovery 2011 E-Bike and City Bike Cycling Helmet

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All-year-round e-bike and city-bike helmet.

New, compact styling makes the uvex discovery suitable for year-round use.

This cycling helmet meets the highest safety standards while still offering superb comfort, fit and ventilation.
For extra safety, discovery has high quality reflectors to aid visibility when riding in city traffic.
The bike helmet’s adjustment system allows both circumferential and height adjustment, providing the perfect fit for every individual head shape.

* Anti-allergic inner lining
* Changeable inner lining
* 320 g

Inmould technology
Extremely safe, solid and low weight helmet construction.
Perfect ventilation guaranteed.

The uvex IAS-3D-system can be adapted individually to the head shape in length, width and height.
Ergonomic wearing comfort and perfect fit.
Stepless variable, cushioned and ventilated ring adapting system.

The comfort closure. Simple multi-level adjustment with just one hand.
Cannot be accidentally turned, guards against opening in the case of a fall and features a comfort cushion for a pressure-free fit.
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