Valco All-In-One Silicone, Part #113-5 -
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Valco All-In-One Silicone, Part #113-5

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Valco All-In-One Silicone is a premium-grade RTV silicone that does it all. Now there's no need to have a complicated assortment of specialized RTV sealants for every engine-sealing job. Choose from three colors: aluminum, black and clear. Every color performs at high temperatures, has low volatility and is oxygen-sensor safe. All-In-One Silicone stands up to any automotive application where RTV silicone is used. Available in Aluminum Black & Clear. 3 oz. Item Numbers: 710XX105 710XX135 & 710XX195. Oxygen Sensor Safe RTV. Temperature Range: -80F to 600F. Solvent Resistant. Low Volatility.

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