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Valco Magic Mix Metal Polish, Part #113-1

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With Magic Mix Metal Polish, less work is required to achieve an even better shine. Some say polishing time is reduced up to 80 percent - that's why it's been dubbed The Lazy Man's Polish! Magic Mix Metal Polish by Valco delivers shine and protection to aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, gold, silver, copper, brass and magnesium. Other paste-type polishes only permit small areas to be shined at once. They cannot be allowed to dry. If allowed to dry, the polish becomes very difficult to remove. With Magic Mix Metal Polish, users can polish an entire surface, allow it to dry and simply dust it off. What's left is a beautiful shine without the repetitive rub-on, wipe-off exercise required by other polishes. 8 Fl. Oz. Item Number: 710XX611. Good on All Metals & Oxidized Paint. Made in America.

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