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Van Dessel Hellafaster Road Bike

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Our workhorse road bike, which converts easily and neatly to a swift TT bike, has a few new tweaks.
Namely, a 1.5-inch tapered fork that increases lateral stiffness, makes tracking even tighter and stability more, well, stable. The Hellafaster is a great choice for a race schedule full of crits, but it's also light enough to help you fly uphill, aero enough to add some speed on the way back down, and stiff enough to get the jump on just about anybody. Anybody not on another Hellafster, that is!

Like any Van Dessel, the Hellafaster is race-ready and pro-caliber.
So when it comes to performance, it does not mess around. After the rocket-like jump you get from the oversized stays, airfoil cross-section tubes provide added getaway ability for nabbing primes, dropping opponents on a stiff climb, or simply outrunning Johnny Law.

Then add some aero bars, adjust the seat position and the Hellafaster takes on a new identity -- TT bike.

Now with a 1.5'' tapered fork steerer and head tube for maximum lateral stiffness

  • # of Wheels : Two
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