X-Treme Folding Wire Storage Basket - $39.99 $49.99
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X-Treme Folding Wire Storage Basket

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The X-Treme Folding Wire Storage Basket is a great bicycle accessory for people who carry a lot of stuff. It provides plenty of extra space for books, gadgets, groceries… you name it.

This basket fits X-Treme Newport and Malibu Beach Cruisers. The basket can be mounted in three spots; the handlebars and both sides of the rear rack. For convenience, the basket folds as well.

The X-Treme wire basket comes in one color, black.

Please Note: We've noticed that while the basket does mount to the top of the rear rack, it, unfortunately, does not come with hardware to secure the bottom of the basket and flops around a bit. For mounting on the rear rack, you'll need a zip tie (or similar) to secure the bottom portion of the basket.

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