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X-Treme Hanalei Electric Beach Cruiser

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme Hanalei Electric Beach Cruiser is the exact same seashore themed electric bike as the 36 Volt X-Treme Kona with the exception of the frame. The Hanalei comes with a step-through easy access frame.

The Hanalei by X-Treme sports a 350w motor that jets you to speeds of up to 23 miles per hour. If you want to go faster, just pedal. The motor can handle small hills all by itself, there’s no need for pedaling. The advanced 36 volt LiFePo4 Lithium battery system offers tremendous range. You’ll travel 25 miles on battery power alone and up to 35 miles while using the Smart Power Assist System (SPAS). The batteries are “easy swap” so you can pop in a spare (purchased separately) to double your range.

The X-Treme Hanalei electric beach cruiser has a laundry list of elite features not usually found on an electric bike this affordable. It’s fully loaded with awesome features like a 7 speed Shimano Tourney® shifter and gear system, NUTT® dual arm disk brakes, RST Carve® hydraulic forks for a smooth ride, Smart Power Assist System, oversized Kenda® balloon beach tires, an extra wide and comfortable spring cushioned seat, smart battery charger, quick disconnect rear wheel, LED headlight, basket, cargo rack and much more.

To make pedaling easier, activate the Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) feature. It automatically applies power to the rear wheel as you pedal. As opposed to the standard Power Assist System (PAS) on X-Treme’s 24 volt electric bicycles, this system is smart. PAS only offers one power option. SPAS offers five. With SPAS the higher the setting the more power you send to the rear wheel and the easier it is to pedal.

The X-Treme Hanalei Electric Beach Cruiser can be powered a number of different ways:

1) Pedaling Only.
2) Twist And Go – There’s a variable speed twist throttle on the handlebar. The harder you twist, the faster you go. You can also pedal while in using the throttle.
3) Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) – Switch on SPAS and the motor applies power to the rear wheel while pedaling. Five power assist settings are available. The higher the setting the more power is delivered to the back wheel. If you need an extra burst of speed, just twist the throttle.

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