X-Treme Rubicon / Sedona 36v Lithium Battery Pack - $399.00 $499.00
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X-Treme Rubicon / Sedona 36v Lithium Battery Pack

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This 36 Volt 10 Ah complete LiFePo4 Lithium Battery Pack is compatible with the older version 36 Volt X-Treme Rubicon & X-Treme Sedona electric mountain bikes that were discontinued at the end of 2017.

These battery packs are "easy swap". They can be purchased to replace a depleted pack or as a spare to double your range. The pack is small and light and can be carried with you while you ride. The battery includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.

This pack is not compatible with the 48v models launched in late 2017. You'll need the 48v Rubicon / Sedona battery pack for these models. The battery is only available in black, the color aluminium has been discontinued.

Please note: If using this battery pack as a spare or backup, don't forget to charge it at least once every 90 days to avoid capacity loss.


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          5 of 5 stars X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Electric Bicycle.
Review Submitted By: John-Michael Mahnke

l have an X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt Electric Bicycle. The range for my X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt Electric Bicycle is about 10 miles, when l fully charge it up and travel 5.6 miles to work and back. when l travel 4.4 miles from work to go home 5.8 miles going 4.4 from work my 36 volt battery shuts off meaning the battery`s dead and needs to be recharged after 10.2 miles. The New X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Electric Bicycles sure seem to have a long range about 20 or 30 miles. My favorite one is the X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Blue Electric Bicycle. The blue electric bicycle sure seems to be the most seller out of all the other Sedonas black, black with red and white, and the white sedonas too. l highly recommend these X-Treme Electric Bicycles they ride really great.

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