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X-Treme Summit 36 Volt Electric Bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme Summit 36 Volt Electric Mountain Bike is the top-of-the-line ebike from X-Treme. It’s a high-end, quality built electric bicycle from a manufacturer with 10+ years in the business. Take a good look at this one. When you factor in the quality, state-of-the-art components, boundless features and affordable price, you’ll find the Summit gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

There are tons of features that set the Summit apart from the competition, but its greatest advantage is motor placement. Most ebikes mount the motor in the hub of the rear wheel. A hub motor is heavy, impacts performance, handling and creates drag. The X-Treme Summit Electric Mountain Bike’s motor is located in the center, lower part of the frame. This mid-motor system means you have zero resistance when riding with the power off. In fact, riding with the power off feels identical to riding a standard high end bicycle. When you power up, the experience is also remarkably superior.

The X-Treme Summit 36v’s 350 watt motor takes you up to 23 mph on throttle only. The Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) coupled with mid-motor placement lets you hit speeds up to 40+ mph when pedaling! The Summit delivers plenty of torque to get you up small hills and inclines on electric power alone. You can travel up to 25 miles on battery power only and up to 35 miles when using the highly efficient SPAS feature.

The advanced tech and features don’t end there. The X-Treme Summit electric mountain bike comes with a Shimano Tourney® 27 Speed Derailleur and Shifter system (3 speed derailleur in the front and a 9 speed derailleur in the rear). In fact, it’s the only 27 speed electric bike on the market. The front fork suspension is from Suntour®, the bicycle industries leading source. You also get JAK® 3S front and rear disk brakes, handlebar black bar ends that allow a second hand position (this increases comfort and is ideal when stand-up riding to tackle a hill or increase speed), advanced “easy swap” lithium LiFePo4 batteries, Kenda® off-road tires, a LED headlight, fully adjustable seat, a rear carry rack and more.

The X-Treme Summit 36 volt electric mountain bike comes with the same Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) found on their other 36v models. SPAS is a highly efficient system that delivers power from the motor while pedaling. Five different power levels are available. The higher the level the more power the motor delivers. This feature makes pedaling much easier and helps take the sweat out of your ride. The SPAS LCD display on the handlebars not only shows you the current power assist level, but also offers a battery gauge, speedometer, odometer, temperature gauge, watt usage and timer.

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