X-Treme Trail Maker Trail Climber Battery Charger - $81.00 $109.00
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X-Treme Trail Maker Trail Climber Battery Charger

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$81.00 $109.00
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Battery charger compatible with the Version 3 Battery Pack for the X-Treme TrailMaker, X-Treme TrailClimber, X-Treme XB-300Li & X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Bicycles. Please see the Version 3 Battery description to determine if this is the charger you need.

This charger is not compatible with the XB-310Li battery pack or earlier versions of the Trail Maker, Trail Climber, XB-300Li or XB-305Li battery packs.

Warning: Only approved for use with the X-Treme E-Bikes noted. Use with any other electric bike or brand may damage the battery charger or bike. Chargers damaged from misuse are ineligible for return.

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